Behind the design

Knitwear is not only about chunky knit Cardis, the memory of grandma trying to teach you to hand-knit or just a necessity for cold, cold winters. Even now, that’s often the reaction you get when you introduce yourself as a knitwear designer; but then we whip out the Cecile Jeffrey portfolio, or more recently Instagram, and the endless possibilities become more apparent.

Inspiration is everywhere; designs have manifested in dreams, developed from happy accidents, and have often been perfected through enthusiastic discussion ((that’s code for heated (family) debate)).

Functionality, elegance and shape is always at the forefront of our design. We want our customer to feel confident, comfortable and luxuriated in our garments. We do the hard work so that you can enjoy the clothes with ease.  

We have relaunched the label with a heritage collection consisting of designs inspired by an archive spanning 30 years.  Brought back, updated and re-imagined. It is not just knitwear but knitted clothing for all climates and all people.

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Originally, manufacturing took place in the living room of Cecile’s family home, along with other helpers/staff around the country. Now Cecile Jeffrey Knitwear is manufactured by a small factory in the UK that specialises in Knitwear.  Each garment is fully-fashioned, which means that it is knitted to shape thus reducing wastage; like a puzzle, individual pieces (e.g, front, back, sleeves…) are then linked (sewn) together by a skilled technician to create the whole garment which is then finished to perfection by hand.

All of the yarn we use is sourced from companies with a certificate of sustainability.

Yarns are natural, of the highest quality and are machine washable.

Our suppliers work with the natural cycle of nature rather than against it, promoting better and healthier working conditions for all, including the sheep!

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Merino Wool

Merino wool, specifically Cashwool, is our favourite. Cashwool is the first and unmatched extrafine Merino yarn, which has been used for more than 30 years by top knitwear producers from around the world. It’s reusable, biodegradable, durable (just keep the moths away!),....and it feels amazing against your skin. The breathability of Merino means that it will keep you warm during winter and cool in the summer. That natural capacity for regulating body temperature, allows for the opportunity to invest in fewer clothes that keep you comfortable in any weather....within reason of course, a chunky knit, long sleeve polo neck is never going to cut it in the summer months. Merino wool also resists odour, bacteria and stains, which means that it does not have to be washed as frequently or as rigorously as synthetics.

It’s strength, elasticity, fluidity, low pilling factor and its extraordinary soft texture place it beyond even the finest types of cashmere, it retains its shape after years of stretch, wear and repeated washing, it’s magic, there’s literally no downside.

TIP: Airing your merino overnight will usually freshen it for the following day

We make sure all wools are from non-mulesed sheep, they are thoroughly cared for at the highest grade, diet and stress levels are extremely important. Happy sheep = quality yarn but more importantly, it’s just the moral standard.

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Mako Cotton

Mako Cotton is a fine, premium quality cotton spun from an extra long staple fibre originally from Upper Egypt. The finest grade Mako has the unique and rare ability of being spun into an even smoother, finer, and stronger form compared to any other existing cotton in the world.

It is hand-picked which avoids the use of defoliants and other harsh chemicals, result!

It has a rich drape and a luminous sheen, lightweight, breathable, and durable enabling it to withstand frequent washes.